Thursday, June 21, 2007

Better view

Here is a side view of that block bed. Now you can see the post.
The big pot in front has 3 pepper plants. Basil and cilantro are in the small green pots on the right. The front tree center is an apple tree and has apples for the first time.
BTW..that pepper pot is huge...30 inches tall by 30 inches diameter.


Judydwiz said...

What can I say? You're way cool! I live in a condo and do no gardening (never did anyway), but I can appreciate all the work that goes into it from having watched my Dad with his enormous vegetable garden. You've made your yard look pretty and inviting!

Sandi said...

All your hard work really shows. I can see why people want to come and see your gardens. YOur love of it shows. I like it looking nice, but I am afraid, Gil spoiled me. He was the gardner and I enjoyed the fruits of his labor :(

Later Babe