Saturday, August 02, 2008

Redecorated guest bedroom

I am in love with the newly redecorated guest bedroom/craft room.

Even Gary loves it a lot. he did a great job repainting it.

I have not finished with hanging pictures and adding all the craft stuff but that will come with time.

This room used to be the master bedroom but we switched to my craft/bedroom. We both love the higher ceiling and bigger room with huge windows. I don't mind the switch as long as I have a place for my craft stuff.

Now that we no longer sleep in separate bedrooms, we now have a guest bedroom..just waiting for company. Yes..since retirement many things have changes and Gary made a huge change in wanting to be closer again..hence sleeping in same room again. Now the king bed seem big enough. and I must admit I like it our reunited ways too. It has taken some adjustment but it seem to be ok.

Now it is just getting all the crafty stuff out to make it more bedroomy. and all the while making the guest bedroom not so junky.

I have decided to store a lot of stuff and plain get rid of some. I can rotate what I put out and not have to have it all out at once I suppose. That will take getting used to too. But..times and habits can change. Heck..I am even thinking of taking down my magnet collection in the back hallway...all 650 of them. And keeping only one wall panel up to display ony about 50 at a time.

Yes..I have them all on display on cookie sheets and huge metal pans hanging on the wall like huge pictures but dusting them is getting to be a bore and I am tired of them. Ergo...hide most and rotate.


Sandi said...

I love it. I like the dark color in that room. I just dont know if I could live with it in my house. I guess maybe I will try it and see, but I like things light and airy looking. but I have to say this room looks VERY nice. Good job Gary and Pat!!


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