Monday, July 05, 2010

Outcast mom

When does a mom stop being a mom? NEVER!!! We can't help is in our blood and was created when the sperm met the egg and is part of us forever.

I wonder why we go thru our whole life wanting our mom's approval though.

I opened my mouth once again and now it might be weeks or months before my kids talk to me again. My crime...I dare spout my concerns over their health.

Gimme a break girls!!! One of you had a 40!!! And I am very concerned that you still only smoke or drink...JUST A LITTLE!!!! That is like saying..I will only play in the street when there is less traffic. Yeah right...nice and safe. Yeah..trying to quit is not good enough at this stage. And since you don't seem to care...I wonder why I do.


Cuz I am a mom!!!

So I worry and voice it...shoot me!!!

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Sandi said...

(((((((((Pat))))))) You are right, we never can stop caring, and I am sure your girls feel that way about thier sons. It just is hard to take from our Mom's sometimes when they are saying what we know to be the truth. Changing is hard, I hope that your daughter realizes the seriousness of this. Not all of us are given "a wake up call".