Friday, June 22, 2012

Michigan cactus

Many do not know that cactus will grow and BLOOM in Michigan. It only takes a few years and they grow rapidly. I got one from a local plant exchange only 3 years single little piece. To propagate you only need to tear off one "palm/leaf" and throw it on the ground. Easy huh?

I have what I think are the only two varieties.

One has all yellow flowers and the other has yellow flowers with red interior.

I do not take them in in the winter and do nothing to them to winter over.

The square pot was one into which I threw a broken off leaf in an old pot and it rooted. The pot in the back right is another with a leaf that fell out of the pot and on the ground and I transplanted a few weeks ago and it surprised me with a bloom already. I am making this area my cactus garden and in a few years hopefully it will be covered.


Susan said...

Mom you can grow anything.

Susan said...

mom you can grow anything