Thursday, February 28, 2008

The end of winter maybe?

February 26,2008. UGH...more snow and I am tired of it. I shot it out the back door cuz that was as far as I was gonna go barefoot. Oh was cold but looked sooo pretty.

Yup...another picture almost identical but without the pool in the shot. I likedd it better and am too lazy to delete the other

And yes...another shot of me today in the same boring pose. But gosh...I take it with the camera propped on the stove and it is the best light. Deal with it! LOL


Sandi said...

Pretty you and pretty scenery. The snow DOES look pretty as it lays on the trees and shrubs, but geeze, I do NOT like to go out in it. Lucky you dont HAVE to, and some day if I live long enough and God tarries, I will too,, maybe. Too many thoughts on that to go into here!!!

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