Saturday, August 28, 2010

Picture dilemma

By now most know that I lost my brother the end of July.

Being his only living relative I inherited all his"stuff".

Most is just that...stuff ....but much is junk.

He was a picture taker before the age of computers and mostly even when he had them on his computer.

My dilemma?

I feel sorta guilty throwing away pictures of people I don't know. I gave back to his ex-wife pictures of their life together..albums and albums full.

I am left with all his other pictures of friends and vacations since then.

The other problem is now that I am the last of the line...I have tons of very old family pics from my parents and have NO idea who they are. George and I always intended to go thru them and try to figure them out by combing heads but never got around to it. Too late now huh?

Anyone else have the problem of throwing out pictures and feeling guilty?

Also the same feelings with tons and tons of cards he kept.

YIKES!!!!! tough.


Sandi said...

Of course there will be feelings of guilt.. But what else are you to do with them if you have no idea who they are. Any living cousins that might have an idea?

Pat said...

I have one cousin who might help. She lives in Arizona though and has no come back up here recently. I scanned a few and she had no idea. I thought a couple was her mom.