Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bathroom sorta finished

Finally, the bathroom is done. Well...The shower doors will not be installed for two weeks. They custom fit them cuz of the coating on the glass. The coating makes them easier to not build up scum so we went for it. I still have not found a rug or new towels yet. Since the bathroom is primarily Gary's, I dont have girlie stuff in it. The toilet is a top two button flush. A full flush and a smaller one and you can guess which is for which...hehehe. But that means a full size box of tissues wont fit and that is where Gary usually puts one. So for now I gave him my small bedroom one until he figures self system or something. Knobs have been ordered cuz the ones with the cabinet dont match the rest of the chrome fixtures so they will be put on in a day or two. Bathrooms are hard to photograph but you get an idea of how it is.

 Changing the light bulbs made a big difference. The ones we had at first were too big and too yellowish. Gary switched out to some round vanity bulbs and now I like it.  Now walls don't seem so yellow.

Next post will be side by side before and after pics.

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Anonymous said...

B E A U T I F U L!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy for you it is 99% done