Sunday, May 30, 2010

New garden bed update

Yea, looks strange and bare now but will fill out in a few months. In a few years several of the bushes will be big and it will looks spectacular. In the top photo I put in a service berry shrub(just to the right of the curved path at the top)  but right now it is more like a stick and hardly shows up. This year I put in a lot of castor bean plants that will look nice. They love the heat and this bed gets lots of sun. Not sure if the hostas already there will fair well but they do get shade on that side somewhat. time will tell huh?

The pot beside the hose reel? It has Green pepper plants in it. The large pot near the garage has the first yellow calla lily bloom. They are always so perfectly formed, they look fake. I also found a yellow poppy. Oh yes..I do color co-ordinate my front flower beds. White, yellow and red flowers only.

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Sandi said...

Your work shows off. Very pretty