Saturday, March 13, 2010

53 Billion

$53.5 Billion. That is what the wealthiest man in the world is worth. #2 man is worth only $53 billion. My mind cannot even wrap around that figure. Just how many millions is that? How many millions in a billion? 10,000? I am not good with those numbers cuz anything past 6 figures is foreign to me. I can get to a million but am lost after that. All I know is that no one could possible spend that much money and instead of buying another football team...maybe they could raise the wages of teachers.

Heck..take a billion of wont be missed and will probably be earned back in interest in a few weeks, and rebuild Haiti. Or take a couple million an drill water wells for 3rd-4th world countries. With their economy,,,I think it would drill a lot of them. have American farmers actually GROW food instead of paying them not that food and send to starving countries. The to few billionaires could feed the world easily with interest alone. I mean just how many rooms of a 20,000 square foot mansion can one use?

And now that I am on this bandwagon, just why  is what they do worth so much more than what others do? I mean, yeah..they had the wisdom to invest wisely, work long hours but they have the money to do that.. Money begets money. Heck..they can afford to take chances and we have no idea how many companies they bought but they failed cuz they could afford to take the chance.And then it took only one to make up for all the losses. 

Better yet, loan a few million to a few people, then they earn a million and then they can loan to others and they get a million and so on and so on...then we all share the wealth. See..pretty easy huh? AND..we ALL win!!

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