Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cancelled prom

I just read an article on Yahoo this morning about a canceled prom in Jackson, Mississippi. It was canceled because a lesbian wanted to take her "date" to the prom in a tuxedo. Being in the  Bible belt, the school board wanted to not make others uncomfortable so they didn't want to step on the gals rights soooo..they just canceled the prom.

HOORAY for them for sticking to their guns and not blowing the issue up further.

I do not believe the girls rights were violated at all although I am sure they will try to make it that way.  Communities of people do have the right to make rules of what they want or don't want. Communities can say if they want movie theaters, malls or adult bookstores in their city. That is NOT violating anyone's rights in my book. This is not about my opinion towards lesbians and gays. is about a communities rights to govern their own community.

Heck...we have speed limits and driving rules too and I am sure some will say that violates their right to drive however they want. WRONG! Civilization needs limits and guidelines as to how any group of people live and interact with another. Come on people...we are not living in the wild west where everyone can have a gun.

If you don't like laws and rules..MOVE! I am sure there is a deserted island out there where you can make your own country and own rules.

Just in case you want to read the article....but if this is a very old post it might not be there.

Prom in Mississippi


Sandi said...

We do need laws when you live in a civilized nation. Sometimes government goes too far. I dont care about canceling a prom, that is up to the school board as far as I am concerned. And those that really want a dance can go and have one outside of the school sanction. Nothing stopping that (yet). I do think the arm of government is getting WAY to long. I dont believe we should have to wear seat belts or helmets on motorcycles. I dont think government should tell people they have to wear certain safety equipment when working, and I think law suits that brought to court because of peoples own stupid actions should be thrown out on thier butts!! Hows that for an editorial to your blog?? (^_^)

Sandi said...

why wont my comment show up

Pat said...

It did show up...blogger is just slow sometimes.

But I do agree with you in that we the government should let stupid people BE stupid. The insurances could just add a clause that says if you dont want to use safety things..don't but dont expect us t pay for your injuries if you choose to not use them.

Yup..we have far too many lawsuits that should not be. Just today I heard of someone maybe suing McDonald's cuz their 2 year old broke her leg while playing in the play area and they don't have insurance so they think McDonald's should PAY! I think that is wrong...they do post a disclaimer saying to play at own risk and where were the parents?

what is this called a re-rebuttal? ROFL.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the prom shouldnt have been canceled. People have a right to who and what they are and a right to express that. Are we not in America? Instead of moving they might want to "change" their community. Where would WE be without a "blow up" when "our" rights were infringed on by others. Would we be Americans, but another sovereign of another country?

Pat said...

And where does it end? What about the rights of those NOT wanting to have alternate lifestyles thrust in their faces. If a prom is wanted..then it can be held by a private venue. If people want school rules changes, then it is their right to vote out the current board and run themselves. I do agree that if we want change..then we should step up and do something. Too many people only criticize and complain rather than take action.

I am not for or against other lifestyles but for the majority to rule...that is what America is...a democracy.