Thursday, April 01, 2010

Puzzella and two-toned hair

Meet Puzzella. She is supposed to be on the front porch but has a mind of her own and is still sleeping on the kitchen counter.

I fell in love with this little dragon while on a recent visit to my old hometown to meet up with an old friend. A recent post tells all about it. Soon her little butt will be sent to the front porch.

I thought I should  post an update on my hair. I have decided that I will not color it to see what my real color is and it is a sloooooooow process. I am in the two-toned stage but I think with my next hair cut the color will be more even. Actually it is many shades and to me looks dreadful but not much I can do and must bide time while it grows out.

BTW..for those that don't know it..this REALLY was taken today. Don't let those Christmas lights fool ya. and is not an April fool's prank. I really do leave them up all year. At least we take the tree down.  Our "ambiance" lighting. Saves time at the holiday time too. Both G and I are in perfect agreement with them. At least we have one thing we agree on.

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Sandi said...

Puzella??? Cant say I would but her on my front door step, but like they say, to each thier own. And as for the hair.. I think you will look good with grey hair. It is going nicely I think. It will be a blessing not have to worry about coloring huh? Maybe one day it will come for me.. butyou know know.. vanity oh vanity !!!!