Monday, February 15, 2010

2010 Olympics

I have been watching the winter Olympics and enjoying them. Well...not the mishap with the luge though. The more I read of that , the more I am convinced it was not the fault of the track but of an inexperienced luger. I read this morning he called his dad the day before and said he was scared of it.

Is it just me, or are the Olympic uniforms getting uglier? Some years they are sooo awesome and this year...well..the ones I have seen have been downright chaotic. Right now my mind is referring to the short distance speed's. The colors seems so strangely combined. The luge ones were not too bad.

BTW..I am rooting for Apolo Ohno who just might made Olympic history. I watched his amazing skating and then an interview with him and he is such a He needs just one more medal to be the one who won the most medals in one season in the winter olympics.

I also watched some of the skating pairs. I read an article this morning on one gal that changed not only her country who she is skating for but her name. Not sure if I would pursue any dream so far as to not do it for my country though but I admire her  wanting to chase her dream no matter what. Seems she could not find a skating partner suitable in China so she went with a Russian and will skate for them. Not sure how fond her country will be of that!!!

That would be a hard call for most...the DREAM or your country.

For contest...I would not ever give up my country for anything..except maybe my kids but cant see that ever happening.

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Sandi said...

I agree with you on the clothing. But I imagine that is just an extension of what we see in fashion these days. Some of it is Pretty raggy.. and I guess that carries over to the olympics,,, not just the US tho. it seems most countries uniforms are YUCK