Saturday, February 20, 2010

Proud of the USA Olympians

The Americans  at the Olympics are doing so well. I was quite impressed with the events last night and stayed up far too late watching them. Skill was definitely needed on the downhill ski event. I love hearing the commentator for that one. The guys only had one hour to scope out the slope and never got to run it in practice runs. This made it much more difficult and showed up their skills mentally as well as physically.

I loved watching skating pairs do the required dance routine. Each couple had to do the exact same tango dance in precisely the same way down to the pattern they took on the ice. I don't remember so much variation as this year. It seems every Olympic event teaches me more and more what these athletes have to endure.  I never got bored watching the same routine because it looked so different with each couple. The body language and intensity varied so much.

I  also love the interviews. Each and every athlete display integrity to be admired. I especially loved the interview with the men's figure skating gold medalist Evan Lysacek. Evgeni Plushenko said some pretty nasty things about him and when asked to respond to them...he was so elegant in his responses and said not one bad word back. It was an interview that showed so much of the poise and composure I had seen in most of the interviews. There were a few sore losers like Evgeni Plushenko but they were sadly just being babies and had to find blame somewhere outside of themselves and could not come to grips with the fact that their time in the limelight was over.

The one thing I admire most in all the athletes is their dedication to their chosen sport. They give over their whole lives to live and achieve their dream of the gold. I can hardly decide what to carve next..let alone know at an early age what I wanted to do when I grew up. Heck..I have not even done that yet. I will let everyone know when I decided what I want to be when I grown up. ROFL.

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Sandi said...

They are good respresentatives of the US I think. So that is good. I have been sitting and watching alot of the olympics today but did take a couple hours to watch the movie The Soloist with Jim. It was a good movie.

Maybe they can make bounding like a porcupine ball and olympic event. I could enter!!! LOL