Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Bucket List

Bucket List
(These are in no particular order.)

Pet a tiger/lion and/or play with cubs
Ride an elephant
Spend 2 weeks at Disney Safari resort
Have all 3 of my kid in the same room at the same time
Whale watch
See a Cirque du Sol Lei show
Walk on the Grand Canyon Skywalk
Go to Hawaii
A very long (several hours a least) sleigh ride (in snow)(private not a group)
Ride in a dog sled and maybe run one.
See a drag queen show
Spend time at a luxury resort with private lagoon pools.
Get a tattoo (ring on hand or bracelet on wrist
Have a whole day, one on one, with a person who teaches Japanese vegetable carving
Get up front and personal with a kangaroo and hold a baby one and I have pics to prove it.
Travel the entire length of the Mississippi River...on a houseboat with an experienced captain/guide.
Charter a boat and go deep sea fishing and catch something HUGE even if I have to let it go.
Ride a gondola...in Venice.
See every museum at the Smithsonian Museum complex.

Grand Ultimate wish- to spend 10 days with all 3 of my kids, grandkids, brother and hubby at Safari resort Disney with full VIP privileges.

Other than one that I have no control over, all are reasonable and attainable, sorta. It is just that some would require that we win the lottery...ROFL.

I will post an update if I add something or do something.

How about sharing your bucket list?


Anonymous said...

I havent made a bucket list. I have enough trouble makeing a list for the next day for me to get accomplished. Maybe someday.. It is good to have dreams tho.

Anonymous said...

My Bucket List

Get out of bed tomrrow morning!!